MT4 Shortcut Keys

KeyboardShortcutKeyboard shortcuts in the chart window

Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Alt+Left Arrow Chart scrolling to the left.
Right Arrow Chart scrolling to the right.
Home Move to the chart beginning.
End Move to the chart end.
“-“ Zoom in.
“+” Zoom out.
Ctrl+”+” Increase the speed of visualization.
Ctrl+”-“ Reduce the speed of visualization.
Space Start/pause visualization.

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Differences Between MT4 And MT5 Accounts

imagesThe different between MT4 and MT5 are:
– The bonus programm is not available on MT5 account so far. Yet it will be enacted for MT5 accounts in future.
– Client Cabinet service is unavailable. It will be implemented in the nearest future.
-The Transfer Between Accounts option and InstaWallet are not available for MT5 accounts.
– The type accounts Eurica is not available at the moment.It will be implemented in the nearest future.
– At the moment you can only open a dollar MT5 account.
-The PAMM system is unavailable for MT5 accounts.
– At present, the partnership programme is not available for MT5 accounts.
– MT5 accounts are not accepted by the InstaRebate system so far.

This Information is released by instaforex pakistan office on behalf of support team

Bolinger Band Trading Strategy (Real Scalping)

I  want to share your a best trading starategy that i mostly used.
Not any indicator or strategy is final, so use other indicators and analysis with this.
it is very nice, is if anyone can help me tune it a bit more.
bbscCurrency: you can use any currency but GBP/JPY or USD/JPY will be best result oriented.

Time frame: 1M, 5M, 15M

Indicators: 3 sets of bollinger bands:
1) Period 50. Deviation 2 (RED)
2) Period 50. Deviation 3 (orange)
3) Period 50. Deviation 4 (Yellow) Continue reading