Forex recommendations for beginners

Your success on Forex does not depend but on your experience and emotional stability. However, InstaForex Company hopes to make your way to it smoother with the help of the following recommendations.


1. Go for the basics
First of all, one should acquire profound knowledge of financial markets and technical analysis, to realize the laws according to which Forex functions and how to make profit on it.

2. Start with a demo account
Starting trading on real accounts straight away does not help to obtain the abovementioned knowledge. While you are busy learning the basics, your capital is literally melting due to your lack of experience. You have a great opportunity to train your strategies on a demo account for a month or more. It is impossible to become a professional trader at once.

3. Get to know trading instruments
Before beginning work on the market, you should thoroughly examine the technical characteristics of the trading platform you chose and make everything clear. It will then help you to save much time and money.

4. Learn your rights and liabilities
Read carefully the documentation, regulating the relations between you and your broker and make sure you have understood everything. You have the right to know all the information concerning your work on the currency market.

5. Begin with small steps
You can employ micro forex accounts to start with. Assess your skills and abilities and develop them further operating with minimum investments.

6. Keep your cool
Do not go beyond your psychological comfort zone: if you feel that you are losing your cool, pass to smaller amounts.

7. Do not play with fire
Do not treat Forex like a money gambling game. As a rule, men of fortune do not manage to stay on this market long. You want forex work to bring you stable income. So, do not ever follow the “sink or swim” principle. Do not put at stake amounts you cannot afford losing.

8. Recognize your defeat
You should keep in mind that losses as such are usual constituents of trading on Forex. Make your conclusions and take a philosophical approach to this fact.

9. Trade within the set limits
Do not strive for opening as many deals as possible: you may fail to control them all. Trade rationally. Trading on several markets simultaneously is rarely successful at first, since they are regulated by different independent factors.

10. Save the money rather than boost
Bring your risks to minimum, even if it results in less profit. Your aim now is to learn how not to waste your capital. At the beginning stage, “saving” is much more important than “boosting”.

11. Consider possible risks
There is always a possibility of unexpected risks. You should have a certain financial reserve so that you could use it in case of a force-majeure situation. Analysts suggest investing not more than 50% of the total capital in trading and not over 10% – in a deal. Ponder over what part of these funds you feel ready to lose in case of bad luck. Set your own level of admissible risk (preferably, not over 5%).

12. Mind Stop Loss
Do not forget to employ Stop Loss. Improper assets management is the major reason for losses. Stop Loss is meant for preventing your losses, so learn to handle it and set it correctly.

13. Keep away from others’ influence
Elaborate your own strategy. Be careful to change it following someone else’s advice. One can carry out one deal only for the whole year and appear to be more successful than many intraday traders. There is no any system suitable for everyone. No one but you bears responsibility for you capital. Once you have shaped your own vision of forex trading and strategy, be critical to what others say to you. Otherwise, you may then regret having followed someone’s recommendation.

14. Control the situation
A profitable deal may in fact turn out to be unprofitable. If the trend seems favourable to you, thoroughly monitor your open positions, shift stop signals to protect your profit.

15. Do not go against the trend
Remember: trend is your friend. Hoping to earn profit, some invest their money when the trend is moving in an adverse direction. Yet, such a strategy is extremely perilous for a beginner!

16. Retreat if not sure
If the situation development falls short of what you have expected, close your positions. You should understand what is going on on the market, as haphazard actions are unreasonable. If you do not feel sure, retreat for a while. Do not waste your time trading unprofitably and do not attempt to have your money back at once. Keep energy to yourself.

17. Make a script of your trading
Fix all you do on the market in writing. It helps to develop analyzing skills. Write down the explanations of this or that decision you made, description of its effects and the conclusions you drew.

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 Basic To Advance Level Trading Course Outlines (Urdu Forex Training Course Outlines)

  • What is Forex
  • What is Forex Trading
  • What Is Foreign Exchange
  • What Is Foreign Exchange Market
  • Forex Trading Basics
  • What Is Base And Counter Currency
  • What Is Bid & Ask Prices
  • What Is Buy Quote & Sell Quote
  • What is Pip And Pip Value
  • Calculation Of The Pip Value
  • What Is Pairs, Spread, Margin & Margin Call
  • What Is Leverage And How To Use It
  • What Is ISO Currency Codes
  • How ISO Codes Work
  • Currency Abbreviations And How It Is Made
  • Major & Cross Currency Pairs
  • Lot And Account Types
  • Standard, Mini And Micro Account
  • Manual Execution & Automatic Execution
  • What Is Automatic Execution
  • Dealing Desk Brokers & Market Maker
  • Concepts Of Resistance & Support
  • How To Find Support & Resistance
  • Spot & Future Markets
  • Basic Order Types
  • What Is GTC Order, OCO Order
  • What Is Limit-Entry Order
  • What Is Limit Order, Market Order
  • What Is  Stop-Entry & Stop-Loss Order
  • Best Times For Trading
  • Major Markets & Their Timings With Software
  • Investments Requirements For New Investors
  • What is Money Management
  • Basic Trade Types
  • What Is Long & Short Position
  • Basic Trading Styles
  • What Is Carry Trading & Day Trading
  • What Is Discretionary Trading
  • What Is Fundamental Trading
  • What Is News Trading
  • What Is Position Trading
  • What Is Range Trading
  • What Is Scalping
  • What Is Swing Trading
  • What Is Technical Trading
  • What Is Trend Trading
  • What Is Technical analysis
  • What Are Charts How To Read Charts
  • Types Of Charts
  • What Is Fundamental Analysis
  • What Is Sentiment Analysis
  • Features of Technical Analysis
  • How To Avoid Loss While Placing Forex Orders
  • How To Automate Your Forex Orders
  • Best Tips & Tricks To Place A Profitable Order
  • How To Avoid Placing Bad Forex Orders
  • How To Track Forex Orders
  • When To Place Order And When To Stop It 
  • How To Understand Buy & Sell Strategies
  • Complete Introduction Of Forex Trading Tools
  • Complete Training Of Trading Tools & Methods
  • What is Candlesticks
  • Type of Candlesticks
  • Candlesticks Basic Pattern
  • Important Chart Patterns
  • Price Action
  • What Is Trend
  • How To Determine Trend
  • Trend Lines
  • What are channels
  • Types of Channels
  • How To Draw & Understand Channels
  • Fibonaaci Retracement
  • Drawing Fibonacci Retracements
  • Trading Fibonacci Levels
  • What is Lagging Indicators
  • Moving Averages and Its Types
  • Trading with Lagging Indicators
  • What are Leading Indicators
  • Leading Indicator Types
  • Trading With Leading Indicators
  • Volatility Indicators
  • Volume Indicators
  • Do’s and Don’ts For Forex Training
  • A Complete MT4 Software Training
  • Technical Analysis With
  • RSI, Stochastics, CCI, Parabolic, Bollinger Bands, ADX, MA’s, Alligator,
  • How To Deposit Your Funds
  • How To Withdraw Your Profits From Forex 
  • Basic Knowledge Of Support & Resistance
  • Basic knowledge of Market Trends
  • Basics Of Fundamental Analysis
  • Basics Of Technical Analysis
  • Complete Information Of Forex Indicators
  • How To use Forex Indicators
  • How To Find Difference Between Good And Bad indicators
  • We Will Teach You Best Indicators Which We Use In Our Live Trading
  • How To Make Analysis On Fake & True Signals
  • How To Identify Errors Of Indicators
  • How To Solve Indicator Errors & Mistakes
  • How To Avoid Indicator’s False Signals
  • What Are Best Trading Strategies
  • What Is Scalping And How It Works
  • A Complete Forex Trading Strategy (Advance)
  • A Great Lagging Indicator Strategy for Profit
  • RSI & Stochastic Strategy
  • MA’s & Stochastic Strategy
  • Bollinger Bands With MA’s Strategy
  • Candlestick Patterns Strategy
  • Entry And Exit Strategies With Swing Trading
  • Pak Eagle Custom Indicators Training
  • Pak Eagle Custom Indicators Strategy
  • And Much More


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Urdu Forex Tranining Course Outlines – Updated


Pak Eagle Enterprises – Pakistan, Pak Eagle Institute of Innovative Technologies And Insta Forex Pakistan Office Have Made A Lot Of Changes In its Urdu Forex Trading Course Outlines and Have Published Thes Outlines For New Forex Traders On Web Sites of Instaforex Pakistan And PakEagle.Com.
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PEFTA – Pak Eagle Forex Trading Assistant Software

Pak Eagle Forex Trading Assistant Software Download


Pak Eagle Forex Trading Assistant Software Is A great Source Of Some Fundamental And Technical Analysis For Forex Traders Of The World. This Software Is Designed To Get Live Broadcast Of Bloomberg and Other Forex TV Channels To Get Updated And Latest Information About Forex Market. This Software Also Helps Users To Get Technical Analysis Of Gold, Silver, Crude Oil And Several Currencies Including Daily Technical Analysis Report From Our Forex Experts. Continue reading

PEFTA – Pak Eagle Forex Trading Assistant Software

Pak Eagle Forex Trading Assistant Software Download


Pak Eagle Forex Trading Assistant Software Is A great Source Of Some Fundamental And Technical Analysis For Forex Traders Of The World. This Software Is Designed To Get Live Broadcast Of Bloomberg and Other Forex TV Channels To Get Updated And Latest Information About Forex Market. This Software Also Helps Users To Get Technical Analysis Of Gold, Silver, Crude Oil And Several Currencies Including Daily Technical Analysis Report From Our Forex Experts. Continue reading

InstaForex terminals: 4 digits or 5 digits after decimal point

ImageProxy.mvcInstaForex international broker provides its clients with a unique opportunity to choose the preferred type of quoting with 4 or 5 digits after decimal point. This opportunity has been available since November 2010 when the company launched the 5th live trading server at Using several data centers this server ensures high quality and rapid execution of a large number of orders. Furthermore, unlike other servers that work with 4 digits only, it works with 5 digit quotations. Continue reading

Differences Between MT4 And MT5 Accounts

imagesThe different between MT4 and MT5 are:
– The bonus programm is not available on MT5 account so far. Yet it will be enacted for MT5 accounts in future.
– Client Cabinet service is unavailable. It will be implemented in the nearest future.
-The Transfer Between Accounts option and InstaWallet are not available for MT5 accounts.
– The type accounts Eurica is not available at the moment.It will be implemented in the nearest future.
– At the moment you can only open a dollar MT5 account.
-The PAMM system is unavailable for MT5 accounts.
– At present, the partnership programme is not available for MT5 accounts.
– MT5 accounts are not accepted by the InstaRebate system so far.

This Information is released by instaforex pakistan office on behalf of support team

Instaforex Urdu Forex Training Center In Pakistan – Urdu Forex Classes In Pakistan

Instaforex Urdu / English / Punjabi / Hindi / Arabic Forex Training Center In Pakistan

Forex Information In Urdu >>> Instaforex Ke Pakistan Office Me Tamam Pakistaniyon Ko Urdu , Punjabi And English Me Forex Ki Training Lene Ki Saholat Mojod Hee. Koi Bhi Pakistani, Chahee Woh Dunya me Kaheen Bhi Rehta Hoo Agar Us Ke Pass Computer And Internet Hee To Woh Hum Se Online Forex Ki Training Le Sakta Hee. Forex Ki Urdu Me Training Lene Ke Liye Ap Ko Hamare Pass Ane Ki Zurorat bhi Nahi Hee. Ap Apne Home ya office me Reh Ker Bhi Hum Se Training le Saktee Hee. Classes Subah 9:00 Baje Se Start Hoti hee Or Rat 11:00 baje tak Chalti Hee. Har Student Ko Alag Alag Training Di jati hee. Skype And Teamviewer Ke Zaryah Hum Apne Office Se Hi Ap Ko Nah Sirif Mukamal Tarah Se Forex Ki Training Dete hee, Ap Ke Sawalat Ka jawab Dete Hee Balkeh Hum Ap Ko Expert Level Tak Le Ker jate Hee. ta Keh Jab Ap Real Accounts Me Trading Karee To Ap Ko Kisi Bhi Qasam Ki Mushkil Ya Perashani Ka Samna Na Kerna Paree.

Forex Ki Training lene Ke Liye Ap Pehlee Class Ka Time Confirm Ker Leen. Us Ke Liyee Ap +92-300-6561240 Per Call Ker Leen.

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