InstaForex terminals: 4 digits or 5 digits after decimal point

ImageProxy.mvcInstaForex international broker provides its clients with a unique opportunity to choose the preferred type of quoting with 4 or 5 digits after decimal point. This opportunity has been available since November 2010 when the company launched the 5th live trading server at Using several data centers this server ensures high quality and rapid execution of a large number of orders. Furthermore, unlike other servers that work with 4 digits only, it works with 5 digit quotations.

What should I choose: 4 digits or 5 digits?
Both 4 digits and 5 digits after decimal point have their advantages and disadvantages that partly change the trading. Those traders whose trading strategy is based on gaining profit from the slightest fluctuations, or whose trading accuracy is 1/100000, can choose 5 digit server and enjoy even more favourable conditions at Those traders who used to work with 4 digit quotes can stay with this type without any change to indicators or advisers. InstaForex is the only broker today to allow the clients to choose between 4 digit or 5 digit quotations and select the most profitable quotation.

How can I change the server?
It is quite simple to change your server. Open new trading account on a particular server and transfer the money from your old account. The transfer is internal and automatized. If you have any questions concerning InstaForex trading servers, please contact the support team at any time.

InstaForex company is proud of the widest range of trading instruments and servers as well as the most favourable conditions available to its clients.

Currently, the company’s server system comprises the following trading servers:
North America trading server (USA) – 4 digit quotations;
North America trading server (USA2) – 5-digit quotes;
Asia trading server (Singapore) – 4 digit quotations;
Europe trading server (EU) – 5 digit quotations;
Campaign server – 4 digit quotations;
Cent account server – 4 digit quotations;
Demo accounts server – 4 digit quotations.

InstaForex is the best for you!

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